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Motorhomes of Texas offers customers a wider selection of RVs to choose from at this site. The Forest River models were developed by Peter Liege who was dedicated to helping people experience the outdoors by building a quality, dependable, and better RV. So if you’re looking for a motorhome, we have a variety of Forest River RVs for you to browse through. Even if you don’t see what you’re looking for, we can help you find it!

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We can help you sell your RV too! Even with the best intentions, selling any model RV can be an overwhelming experience. From setting a price, to advertising, to handling the negotiations and paperwork, it’s hard to know where to begin. Leave all the hassles of selling to us! We understand the frustrations owners face when they are looking to sell. When you need to sell your RV at the best value, turn to Motorhomes of Texas!

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"We have been motorhoming, starting Aug, 98, full time for the first eight years. We just bought motorhome #5. This being said, we have had many opportunities with sales and service companies'. Motorhomes of Texas have been head and shoulders above all others. MOT has gone above and beyond our expectations. Both sales and service have been outstanding."
Nancy & Dale Muller
“Greetings from Alabama! I want you to know that we are very pleased with our little Coach House Platinum M.H. We made the trip back to AL without any trouble, even with Gail doing most of the driving. Everything works. Thanks again for being so helpful in the deal making process. We enjoyed working with you. You run a clean operation. We appreciate that. Motorhome owners like classy people and classy motorhomes. I have to complement Stewart on his salesmanship. He made me feel that he was trying to help me select a motorhome and as you know the first and best technique in selling is to have the customer have confidence in the salesman.”
Floyd & Gail Norris
"What a welcoming and professional dealership! Mel Cordray and Jason Haskins were friendly, informative, and accommodating. After visiting other dealerships, we knew that Motorhomes of Texas was who we wanted to do business with – now and in the future. Thank you guys! We love our new "Home."​"
Charles & Elisa Porter
"What an exciting experience we just had. We made a trip to Nacogdoches in early May to check out a 2004 Foretravel. We had a super salesman in Craig Dorsett. We knew him from the Cruisin Cajuns Rally in Rayne, LA. We went through the motorhome, made a list of things we would like to have repaired or replaced and agreed to purchase the motorhome with a list of things to be done. One item the wife really wanted was to change the booth material to match the material on the new couch and to also replace or extend the table top. We decided the expense was too much and we could do the job ourselves. Craig promised the motorhome would be ready in about a week to 10 days. Unknown to the wife, I called Craig and asked him to go ahead and change the booth material and the table top. Well, that called for more time. The material had to be ordered and then cut and sewed, plus labor on the booth and the table top. This was to be a surprise birthday present for the wife. Craig along with Trina got the surprise taken care of in time, although I had a hard time using excuses not to go pick up the motorhome, so we could work on the booth. Working with Jason to do all the paperwork was a nice experience. They (the staff) suggested we stay overnight to make sure all systems were a go and they worked as they should. That worked out great as we found a couple of items we had missed on the list. They were taken care of very fast and we decided to leave for home in the rain. We got about 35 miles from the dealership and the battery voltage was down to 10 volts. I gave Jason a call and he suggested we return and have the mechanics check out the problem. Now this was less than 1 hour before closing time. He said it didn’t matter, they would get it done. Short story, they changed the alternator and found a broken wire. They had to work overtime, but they gotter done. What a team!"
Ed & Toot Lejune
“Very good experience buying our first motorhome. Mel Cordray did an excellent job of finding what we wanted and staying with us thru the whole process. Great service, we’ll continue to be a customer.”
David & Tina Graves
“We had a very positive experience working with Motorhomes of Texas. Our sales guy was a pleasure to do business with. He is so knowledgeable of Foretravel motorhomes – he is amazing! He bent over backwards to help us even by unloading our old motorhome into the new one. Thank you so much!”
Jim & Devonna Flynt